Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day Twenty-Three: Inspired by a Movie

The first ever movie that I've ever watched was when I was 7 years old. Pokemon had been quite popular at the time, I mean it's still popular but this was when the first generation was released and every kid was oogling over how cool they were. I was basically in the same bandwagon along with my 3 brothers. This manicure is inspired by the original 4 pokeballs before all those weird ones starting poping up in later generations like the cherish ball.

It was the first pokemon movie EVER (there's 14ish now) and it played along with a shorter film based on Pikachu and the rest of Ash's pokemons but it look a while to get to New Zealand as there wasn't really an audience for it at the time of it being released.

Mewtwo Strikes Back
+ Pikachu's Vacation

(I hate how the purple kept smudging all over the other colours no matter how much I let it dry or try to avoid those areas with the topcoat D:)

Here's what I used:
  • Jordana: White
  • L.A Colours: Art Deco in Black
  • Kleancolour: Bite me
  • Kleancolour: Metallic Aqua
  • Kleancolour: Metallic Purple
  • Colour Club: Power Play
  • Kleancolour: Metallic Yellow
  • Kleancolour: Metallic Black

Now, go see what Emma at Manicurity and Alyssa at Fancy Phalanges did  for their movie inspired nails! 

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