Thursday, 12 April 2012

PCFSC: #38; Spring Sunset

My Spring Sunset nails for today is a bit abstract; the golden lines are sun rays and the black is the starry sky eating up the light. I really love how this came out and I can say without a doubt, this has to be my favourite nails of the entire challenge!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

PCFSC: #36; What I love about Spring

As I have mentioned in the past; I live on a farm. It's not one of those animal farms, no, it's a fruit/vegetable farm. My mother is one of the best strawberry farmer ever - I'm not saying this because we're related but I'm saying this because it's completely true. She hand plants every single plant, hunt for bees to create a hive to pollinate them and then spends hours in the hot spring-summer sun picking each berry (even if it rains heavily or when she had severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). She's honestly amazing.

The strawberries always turn out tiny at first but jammed packed with flavour but as the season progress, they can get up to a size where you can only fit a maximum or 4-5 in your palm and still have enough sweetness to make you semi choke. I especially love ours because not only are they sweet but they're also "crisp" - they don't feel as slimey nor soft like the supermarket ones. Our strawberries are always ready to be picked around November (that's the last month of Spring down here) and I always look forward to packing them into little plastic chips because I can eat as many as I want, tehehee.

However, mummsy has retired from the strawberry farm early last year (good thing she did, it was way too much hard work for her) but it still reminds as the thing that I love the most about Spring!

Monday, 9 April 2012

PCFSC: #35; Ticker Tape Parade

You would NOT believe the amount of new words and events that I have learn during the Purple Crumpet Spring Challenge. This was another thing that I had absolutely no clue on - I am so glad that we have google in our modern world.

I would really love to be in one of these parades one day, they look so fun!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

PCFSC: #34; Light

When I think of light, I think of shiny things and either the colour white or yellow. My nails may look like snow but they're actually things that represent light to me.... although snow is almost here, I hope!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

PCFSC: #30; Easter Bonnets

I've never hear of an "Easter Bonnet" in my life - I thought they'll be more like those lady bonnets from long time ago where women did all the housework and men had most authory... luckily nowdays there's a handy little search engine called Google.

Google told me that Easter Bonnets are hats decorated with flowers and chicken which celebrates spring and easter for the Easter parade; they're also made from straw or knitted. This was my inspiration:

... Funny thing was, I was going to stamp on butterflies and roses then layer nail decals sticker on top but I had left my stamper and scrapper back at home! Oh my.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

PCFSC: #29; April Fool's Day

The most horrible, messy nail art application and the challenge, April's Fools Day - Dark and Twisted... presents today's manicure... I can't believe that I actually willingly chose to watermarble!

I like watermarbling using Zoya's Sunshine Collection - gives all the colours a cute, irregular golden glass fleck effect without applying another polish with the same effect carefully on top. Spices it up :)