Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day Eighteen: Halfmoon Nails

I'm not really a big fan on halfmoons and french manicures because they look so crisp when others do it and mine? They're really wonky. I stumbled upon this manicure when I was playing with an app on the boyfriend's new iphone, it's called "Nailup" released by the Japanese nail magazine, it features a couple of pages full of manicure ideas and tutorials (but the downside with this app is that it does not update). Anyways, on one of the pages it featured a model wearing this delicate manicure:

... and I tried it for myself except it didn't turn out as dainty as the picture above.... everything looks IS thick and chunky - not very feminine.

Here's what I used:
  • Jebba's Franken: Ariel's Scale
  • NYX: Pistachio
  • Born Pretty: Round Rhinestones 
  • Born Pretty: Heart Rhinestones 
  • Round Stickers

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