Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day Twenty-Eight: Inspired by a Flag

Watching bloggers pile in manicures for 4th of July is really fun. I've always wanted to join in the fun but it'll make no sense for me to do one considering that I'm not american and I've never been to America. I've just been admiring it from a distance, well I know it's not exotic or anything like that but most young people in New Zealand dream of either living in Europe, America or Australia... and well you can guess which one I am.

Not only is the American flag fun and covered in stars but the famous Uncle Sam's hat is also inspired by it. Isn't it just adorable? Unfortunately my french manicure didn't turn out just as cute - it's so hard using stickers and tape! (.. and I really do not recommend Eyeko Saucy)

Here's what I used:
  • Eyeko: Saucy
  • Jordana: White
  • O.P.I: Dating a Royal
  • L.A Colours: Art Deco in White
  • Bundle Monster: BM14
  • Tape and Round Stickers


  1. Your flag turned out so much better than mine! :) I've tagged you on my blog.


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