Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day Twenty-Four: Inspired by a Book

I remember this book being read to me twice during my Primary School years (5years old until 12) but I still proceed to purchase it and continued to read it many, many times. It just doesn't bore me. I can't bare to go watch it on the big screen in case they completely butcher the story for me, that's how much I love Charlotte's Web. Though.... the sound of a talking pig is quite cute, lol.

Charlotte's Web
By E.B. White


E.B. White is a genius at writing children's book about talking animals - he wrote Stuart Little too!

Here's what I used:
  • Jebba's Franken: Ariel's Scale
  • Models Own: Becca's Brown
  • Models Own: Pastel Pink
  • Jordana: Black
  • Jordana: Pop Art in Avant - Garde
  • Jordana: Pop Art in Define in Green
  • Bundle Monster: BM13

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