Wednesday, 29 February 2012

PCFSC: #10; Unicorn Magic Day

I had no clue what to do for today's challenge! I thought of painting a unicorn or something with a unicorn but figured that it would be way too hard for me. In the end I decided to paint my nails as close as I can to Cult Nail's Unicorn Puke without all the flakies since I only really have one that's in a clearish base. What do you think? Close enough?

Here's what I used: 

  • Orly: Fowl Play
  • China Glaze: Snow Globe
Here is a list of girls who are also doing this challenge with me:
Alyssa from Fancy Phalanges
Missy from Gnarly Gnails
Arielle from Only Always Soccermom
Claire from Purple Fairy Dust
Helen from Nail Newbie
Amiee from Persistently Glittery
Jackie from MeMa's Mani's
Kerrie from PishPosh and Polish
Debbie from The Crumpet
Kirsten from Geeky Owl
Bee from Bee Polished,
Jewli from Fanning the Fumes
Joy from Okay now joy!,
Emma from Manicurity,
Alyssa from No Junk Nail,
Jeni from Polish Me Lovely,


  1. liking it! have you seen the upcoming Cult Nails flakie that is pretty much the same as Unicorn Puke except without the green flakies? I think it's called Scandalous!

    1. Oh no! Don't add anything else on my lemming lists xD

  2. Great combination. Hmmm what do I have close to Snowglobe in my stash? I might have to see if fowl play is sheer enough for a sandwich. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Snowglobe is really close to many hex shaped iridescent glitters but what really sets Snowglobe from others is that it also have these soft pearl looking things too! It's really unique!

    2. Awesome thanks for the further description on Snowglobe I think OPI last Fiday night has similar small shimmer. I made a great combinatioion layering Fowl Play, OPI Last Friday Night, Essie Shine of the times and Nyx Purple ave. It could really do with some blue flakes though.

    3. Sounds so pretty! I haven't been able to get my hands on any of those NYX flakie-glitters yet because they're always sold out!


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