Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PCFSC: #1; Valentine's/Love

New Zealand isn't much of a country that celebrates days like "holidays" such as Valentines. I had a bit of trouble thinking of ideas for today's challenge... the only real thing I know about Valentines is that it is the day of love. However, I did not want to make it too tacky with reds, pinks, and hearts so I decided on some Valentines candy which I saw on Futurama. They look unbelievably cute and vintage... surprise, surprise, New Zealand doesn't have them!

My "word painting" isn't very good... errr... yea. I'ma say this manicure is "Happy Un-Valentines" as it looks as if someone is plotting to kill someone with poisonous valentines candy. Hahaha.

I noticed that this manicure would have been awesome if I had this stamping plate; it's definitely wishlisted :)

Here's what I used:

  • Coastal Scents: Carnation
  • Models Own: Lilac Dream
  • Essence: Mellow Yellow
  • Jebba's Franken: Ariel's Scale
  • Eyeko: Saucy 
So... how's your Valentines Day coming along? Anything special happened? Did you get any cute gifts? I got my boyfriend this couples pillow case, tehehe - I know I'm lame :D

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