Saturday, 3 March 2012

PCFSC: #12; Daffodils

I find it really weird to be painting and drawing daffodils at this time of the year due to a very famous New Zealand charity, The Cancer Society, whom begins searching for volunteers annually at the beginning of Spring for Daffodil Day.

This is probably one of the biggest charity runs in this little country, basically people donate at least a gold coin in return they get a plastic daffodil to wear for the rest of that month to show support. At highschool, my house was the yellow house of leadership and we would raise at least $1000 per year from students. The reason why daffodils are used is due to the tendency of them blooming first out of all flowers in spring after a long winter and they're a bright flower; a positive encouragement for cancer patients and a symbolisation of cancer survivors.

Now they sit gracefully on my nails for today.

Here's what I used:

  • Jebba's Franken: Ariel's Scale
  • China Glaze: Sunshine Pop
  • Mode: Frenemy
  • Jordana: Pop Art in Define In Green
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  1. Spring does seem ages away especially given this weekends "Weather bomb" yuck what happened to summer?
    You must be so patient when doing these detailed manicures. I would give up after just an accent nail. :)

    1. Oh yea... my mum was telling me about the weather bomb when I called her this morning... nasty stuff. Luckily it didn't reach as far as Dunedin, it's already cold enough here. Anyways, hope you're warm and safe!

      I've always been interested in art so I guess that helps with the patience, lol! I rarely wear nail art when I'm out though... I like to paint them at home around 2-4AM when I can't sleep :P


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