Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Swatch - athon: Zoya; Sunshine Collection

As far as I know, Zoya is only easily accessible in the states so all those lemmings I had for Zoya were very far out of my reach. There were just so many I wanted to try and just watching all the american bloggers around me with those polishes... had made me.. well.. very jealous. A few months ago, I was contacted by a new e-store called Nailde Royale who wanted me to place their ad on my blog and review products for them HOWEVER being a person with low self-confident especially with her work, I rejected their offer... errr, not a first.. hahaha.

Still intrigued, I secretly browsed through their website and found that they sold many brands that were not available internationally.... the biggest one that caught my eye was Zoya. This was the first international e-store that stocked Zoya. They sold past collections with some that have been discontinued and the best part was... the prices weren't skyrocketed, in fact, some were cheaper than what Zoya themselves sold them as! I couldn't help myself but even though I didn't trust their e-store considering how new they looked, I still ended up purchased the Sunshine Collection and of course the Mattes from last season... which were going to be discontinued during Zoya's cleanup at the time.

They came. Harlow broke in the process.. it was painful because when I did get my order, this particular collection had been discontinued and then sold out on Nailde Royale too. I didn't actually say anything about it because it would have caused too much trouble to send me one new polish. It took almost 2 months because my parcel got lost in Thailand for about a few weeks but Nailde Royale had earned my trust and loyality :)

Anyways, here's the swatches for Zoya Sunshine which all have metallic gold glitters and a foil finish.

Zoya: Faye
Finish: Foil and Glass Flecked

Zoya: Reva
Finish: Foil and Glass Flecked

Zoya: Kimmy
Finish: Foil and Glass Flecked

Zoya: Rica
Finish: Foil and Glass Flecked

Zoya: Tanzy
Finish: Foil and Glass Flecked

Zoya: Apple
Finish: Foil and Glass Flecked

I love every single polish of the Sunshine Collection but my absolute favourites would have to be Apple; it's the only shade in this collection that screams summer without needing to be in that "red hue", and Rica because it's an unique combination; I can't really describe the bright pink/coral colour... it just works a lot better with the golden metallic glitters than the rest of the collection.

This collection was release for Summer in the USA - around July so it is still fairly new. For the southern hemisphere, where I live, Summer is just popping her head around the corner next month so it is a prefect time for me to pull this collection out and play around with the colours!

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